Buying Paintings

Should they buy a painting or not? That is a question that is often faced by many art lovers. They have to take three things into account. If, for instance, you are operating a gallery where you are selling paintings, you are likely to find yourself continually answering questions aimed at figuring these things out. At the end of the day, you will realize that your proficiency in handling these types of queries would reflect on your sales or profits.

Art lovers tend to be deep thinkers when it comes to purchasing paintings. They also tend to be eccentric folks. They are therefore not likely to buy a painting just because it looks good – there are other considerations they make. Buying paintings rely greatly on aesthetics, but do not make the mistake that it is the only thing that matters. Art buyers let a number of things influence them in their decision to buy or not to buy a painting, and we shall discuss three of them.

Paintings are creations of artists, and art lovers are definitely going to have to find out who the artists are behind these paintings. Artists who have been able to come up with very good artworks over the years are bound to have created a name for themselves, and they are going to be sought after by art lovers looking to buy paintings. We have seen many scenarios where art lovers go ahead to purchase paintings just because they are associated with certain artists, not withstanding the actual quality of the paintings. Even where the identify of the artist behind a given painting isn’t so influential, it nonetheless turns out to be an important consideration – because when all is said and done, a painting is viewed as an extension of the artist behind it. It is akin to having an interest on the artists behind a song we like listening to. We sometimes look past the melody and the lyrics, and take note of the genius behind the songs.

It is also often the case that art lovers are curious to know about the inspiration behind the paintings created by the artists. You have to keep it in mind that the most attractive paintings tend to be quite enigmatic. You would find yourself having a hard time trying to fathom what could have inspired the artist to come up with said painting. Works of art become more fascinating and art lovers are more appreciative of their beauty once they have an idea what the artist’s inspiration is. The inspiration behind the paintings alone would be enough to convince many art lovers to purchase them, regardless of the actual quality of the painting.

Art lovers also tend to look deeper into the paintings and try to figure out what message they are trying to get across. Then they will decide based on the message. Abstract paintings carry messages, too, albeit in a discreet manner. This thirst for a deeper meaning or message often push sellers of these paintings to make up stories and tall tales in order to explain what the message of their works is supposed to be. There is nothing wrong with this. Artists create the art work, the person viewing it can attach a meaning to it, depending on his personal interpretation.

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